Fucked By An Army Officer|

Hello, all this is Rahul. I am 20 years old, slim and very smooth boy studying in Bangalore. I am sharing my story that happened in Bangalore city a few months back. First, let me tell you something about myself. My height is 5’8″, waist 30 and weight 55 kg.Officer Ki Wife Ki Chut Chaati

I have a tempting girl-like slim and silky smooth body without any hairs and a tiny small bubble ass. I was always having a thing for older pervert uncles/daddies. I know old uncles like to taste young hairless boys. I was desperately looking for a hot mature man to take me to bed and treat me like his girl.

So I came to Bangalore for studies. I was staying in PG and was a free bird to find some hot uncle for me. I created accounts on many gay dating sites and also put ads for having fun. I started getting so many responses that my inbox used to get flooded with messages and emails.

I was frustrated because most of the messages were from other teen boys and guys but no older men at all. I got some really mature men as well but then the place was an issue. I met some guys casually but it didn’t work out. One Sunday in the morning I was too lazy. I woke up at 9 AM and logged in to all sites.

I saw several messages but of no use. I was browsing from the bed only. Suddenly one message popped up after around 9:30 AM. It said, “38 aged top here likes to meet you.” I checked the profile but it was all blank. So I didn’t respond to it. I got upset. And just took a nap again.Hindi SexStory|Chodan Kahani|

When I woke up it was 10:45 AM. That guy had sent multiple messages like, “Reply please.” I was so bored and had no other messages. So I responded “Where are you located? What do you do?” He said, “North Bangalore. Working.” He then dropped his WhatsApp number.

I saved his contact number. His name was Balbir. Oh my god, he was a very big beefy body man. It looked like watchman something and looked at least the age of 45. I got very horny looking at his WhatsApp DP. I immediately texted him and introduced myself in a slutty way.

He asked for my pics to which I refused. He made a video call and I accepted that. He was looking heavier than in the pic. He went mad looking at me as I look very cute. I disconnected the call. He sent multiple texts requesting me to come to his room. I was already thinking about him using me in bed.

chudai police ke sath

But I responded naughtily that it is too far away takes a minimum of 2 hours to reach. He told me to come by AC bus or cab and he will pay the fair. I said I will come by AC bus to the Manyata tech park stop. He has to pick me up from there. He happily agreed to it.

It was 11:15 AM. I woke up and got brushed. I did the shaving and cleaning of my ass and pubic hair to make it completely smooth. I took a bath with hot water and cleaned my ass completely. I How I Fucked My Class Teacher 2left the PG at around 12 and got to the bus stop. I got the bus immediately.

He was constantly messaging me like, “Have you started?” And oh yes I had a nude video call when having a bath. He saw me naked on cam and he was badly waiting for me. During the journey, I was very curious and nervous at the same time. Finally around 1:45 I reached nearby and called him.

He was ready at the bus stop waiting for me on his two-wheeler. And omg, he was huge. I got scared and knew what was coming. He did shake hands and had a quick hug. I took the back seat on his two-wheeler. In the next 15-20 minutes, we entered army housing premises.

He stopped at his house. He opened the door and let me in. He was actually an army officer having his many photo frames and medals in the house. I was very nervous, scared and totally silent. He told me to have a seat on the sofa and offered me a glass of water. I had water and got a little relaxed.

He was eagerly waiting to start the action. He held my hands and asked, “What happened? Why are you scared?” I just smiled and said, “I’m very shy and introvert.” He pulled me towards himself and started kissing on my cheeks and neck. I liked it and started feeling like a girl. I was feeling very horny.Mere Mummy Papa Ki Chudai Ki Kahani|मेरे मम्मी पापा की चुदाई की कहानी|

He started moving his hands over my T-shirt and pants for some time. Then he removed my T-shirt and started squeezing my small nipples very hard. I was moaning in pain. Then he started kissing on my nipples one by one and started chewing on them. He loved my pure hairless chest a lot.

He said, “Your nipples are better than any girls.” Then he started biting very hard on my nipples I was crying in pain. My nipples completely turned red in colour full of his love bites. He continued biting on nipples. He was moaning and roaring like a lion while biting my nipples and not ready to stop.

I also started moving my hands over his pants and started playing over his pants. I felt a huge bulge. He gave a final very long and hard bite on my right nipple that brought tears to my eyes. But I wanted him to use me. He then took over on my left nipple and did the same. He left a huge love bite there as well.

He then pulled out his pants and shirt and told me to do the same. We were standing only in undies in front of each other. I was being his girl. He then lifted me like a girl and took me into his bedroom and threw me on the bed. He came over to me and again started kissing biting all over my body.

He slowly reached my navel and bite me very hard on my belly. I was crying and screaming. He then told me to sleep on my stomach and removed my undies to totally make me naked. He spanked my butts as they exposed. He was staring with full lust in his eyes. He started biting and pressing my butts harder.

He then told me to get on my knees and placed his cock in front of my mouth. He was still in undies and having a huge bulge. I slowly started kissing over undies. He gently removed his undie and oh my got it was so big and so thick cock. I kissed the head and started sucking it.

It wouldn’t go full in my mouth only half of it went in. I started licking and sucking his cock and balls in between. I did it for 10-15 minutes. He then told me to get sleep on my stomach. He got over me, pointed his cock right on my hole and started rubbing, massaging and spanking with his cock.

Officer Ki Wife Ki Chut Chaati

I was scared and knew I was in big trouble. He used his force and the head entered in. I screamed, cried and begged to take it out but I was helpless under him. He started giving strokes and I cried and screamed louder with no effect on him whatsoever.

I tried everything I could and finally pushed him back and escaped from him. He again pushed me on the bed this time on back down facing him. I saw blood on his cock head that was from my ass. He took my legs on his shoulders and again started inserting his cock in my hole.Mummy Chali Gai Kaam Se Bahar, To Papa Ne Chod Diya Beti Ko

He did it with full force and half of the dick went in one stroke. I again screamed. He gave one more stroke and his full dick was in my ass. I was in deep pain and screaming and crying. But all I saw was a hungry hairy daddy raping me. The pain got reduced after some time.

He was doing it at full pace. He fucked me in that position for around 10 minutes. Then told me to get on my stomach again. He again did it from my back and slept over me like my husband. This time cock went in very easily in the first attempt. But it pained as I was in cloud 9.

He started giving strokes again and started fucking very hard. He continued sleeping and fucking from behind for 20 minutes. Then he removed his cock. He then told me to get up and carried me into the hall. He told me to bend in front of the sofa and he again started from the back.

He was fucking me in a standing position. I was bent and saw myself getting banged by him in the mirror. He fucked me in a standing position for 5-10 minutes and then told me to be doggy on the sofa. I was eagerly waiting for doggy style. He inserted his cock from behind in doggy style.

He started banging me and spanking my butts hard. He fucked me in doggy style for the next 10 minutes. he was giving hard strokes. I was screaming in between. Finally, I felt very warm and he came all inside my ass. My asshole and butts were all red and full-wide opened by his huge cock.मम्मी को चोदा और अपनी पत्नी बनायाMummy Ko Choda Aur Apni Patni Banaya

I was brutally fucked by this man. He slept over me keeping his cock over my hole for some time. After that, I went to the washroom. But I really didn’t want to wash his cum from my ass. I just washed my face adjusted my hair and came back.

I was wearing my jeans while he came to me pressed my butts hard gave a tight slap on my butts. He said it was an awesome time he had. He dropped me back at the bus stop and I reached my PG in the evening. He again contacted me multiple times but I didn’t dare to go again.

Sadly I lost his contact number from my list and sometimes I eagerly wait for his message. So, friends, I hope you liked my experience. I will share new and new stories and my experiences as it happens.