How I Fucked My Class Teacher

Before starting the best sexual encounter of my life let me introduce myself, I am Subham the 2nd year CSE BTech student with average looks and physique.

Now fast-forwarding to the D-Day. It was an important day for me at the college as I was attending my first class since the pandemic had hit though the college had started a week before.

My arrival to college was delayed because I kept on hoping that online classes would continue for some more days as I was bored watching those old lady faculties shouting over students as if they hadn’t received a good orgasm for years but alas the offline classes resumed.

How I Fucked My Class Teacher

So I reached the college on time and was walking through the stairs when I noticed some of my classes were waiting and chit-chatting. I interacted with them and then all together we went forward for the classes. During the interaction with my friends, we were already 5 mins late.

While approaching our designated class I heard a voice shouting over students to KEEP CALM and I assumed some budhia might be shouting all over again but all of a sudden one of my friends Krish shouted in joy -“it’s Pallavi’s class ” and rushed away towards the door, following him all others started sprinting towards class.I was like why the hell these guys are mad over some budhia’s class and approached towards the door steadily.

When I reached the door and casualy asked “May I get in Mam” I noticed a very young lady standing, she looked towards some other student and scolding him for some reason.

I got her back view and was left astonished 😳 , she wore a red saree with a black blouse her figure was perfectly hour glass my eyes were quick to scan her figure and got the readings correctly , her figure was 34B-28-34 damn ❤️‍🔥 she was a Diva and now I understood why motherfucker frends started running upon listening her voice.

Her height was around 5’3 and she was wearing a hill of nearly 3 inches.Upon listening my request to get into the class she turned towards me and I noticed everything in slow motion her straightened hair which reached just the lower portion of her blouse flew and I saw the most beautiful face of my life she was fair as milk and those eyes of her completely left me bowled.

She had a slight waterproof mascarra over her eye lash and Kajal applied in her eyes.She had a red colour smudge free lipstick on her lips.I was head over heels on her figure ,her hair ,her face and everything else she wasn’t a normal woman she was a Goddess, whom I decided to fuck at that instant itself.

She said “Yes Come In” but all I wanted to hear “Yes CUMMM In”.She asked me is it ur first class and I replied yes (unfortunately 🥺).She asked me why I was not attending the classes , actually I wanted to reply I was not knowing such a beautiful lady was my faculty otherwise I would have fought with the govt and attended classes during corona itself but keeping my thoughts aside I bluffed that I had some health issues.

Then I sat on the very front bench and started watching her teaching.As I was already late by a week and she was teaching about some circuits of MES nothing went to my head what she was saying I wasn’t able to grasp those all I thought was how could I grab her slim waist and bite her lips,her hairs were shinning it was more of like redhead colour and I thought it would be great if I tie it a ponytail and control her head while she sucked my dick.

“Hey what are you thinking ” she shouted I left all my fantasies and replied i m trying to understand what u r teaching and she replied “it would b difficult for u as it is ur first class, come to my cabin after class I will guide u” and I nodded my head in affirmative.

Hearing this my friends gave me jealous looks 😂.She then resumed her lecture and I resumed my fantasies of her.

The black blouse she wore was perfectly fit , it held her boobs tightly all I wanted was to make her boobs free by removing her blouse and suck her nipples until I am satisfied.I wanted to grab her ass and bite her neck while pressing her boobs at the same time……ohhhhh Goddddd I wanted her in my bed ,my dick was already erect imaging all those scenes with Pallavi,my Pallavi.

Then she suddenly said “That’s it for today , Thanks” and I was like why r u ending the class just continue I could imagine u all day my Goddess.Then she left , while leaving she walked away just beside me I caught a glimpse of her boobs from the side angle and smelled her fragrance as she walked past……dammmmnnnnnn that fragrance drived me crazy and my dick got a bit more erect.

Next day I got ready for my class before time because I didn’t want to miss even enjoying a single glimpse of her 🤣.It was a lab day and surprisingly was also test day.

I was knowing nothing and last 24 hours were wasted by admiring Pallavi.I was given circuits to join but as I said I knew nothing.Then enters Pallavi wearing a green sarre with a brown blouse and I started wondering which colour bra she might have wore either black or maroon coz that’s the best combination with this attire of her.

She started checking out everyone is doing their tasks properly or not and everyone was doing perfectly except me and some of my friends.

Then upon reaching near me she shouted” Hey Mister for what u r standing u haven’t started arranging the circuits also and blah blah blah” I was not paying attention to her scoldings she had reached very near to me and her lips moved so fast all I could think was how pleasurable would it be for me when those lips of her move on my dick her face was just 30cm away from my face and I wanted to kiss her hard and rough.

Then she again shouted “Hey what are you wondering tell something mister”then I broke my silence and said it’s my first lab to which she then said then attend extra class, come to my cabin I will teach you.”Mann mai laddo futta ” fits perfectly for this situation I guess.

Classes got over I was ready for my extra class with Pallavi because yesterday she had some work and had left early from college.Her cabin it was half glass and half of plywood base,upon entering her cabin I was greeted by her fragrance and then itself my dick signalled I m ready 🤣,she had earphones over her ears and was checking some papers,I could see a little bit of cleavage of her and she looked so sexy 😍.

I then interrupted her by saying Mam I am here for extra class.She then took off her earphones and took my notebook and started teaching about those shitty circuits , but I was interested in her cleavage which was a bit more visible.She started teaching me by looking straight to my eyes 👀 and even if I wanted to look to her cleavage I looked right into her eyes because I didn’t want to give her a negative impression about me.

She continued teaching and I continued imaging how would I pinch her nipples.After teaching me she asked me if I understood everything I replied affirmatively and left her cabin.Honestly speaking I didn’t understand a single word so upon reaching room and studied from references , videos and learnt everything.

Every day I would come to class , imagine her , whenever she asks a question I was ready for answering because I wanted her to notice me.Finally two weeks passed and she was impressed with me as I was giving correct responses in class.

Then comes the exams and I being an above average student started preparing for exams, I gave all the exams and performed good in almost every subject but my aim was to top in Pallavi’s subject.Exams continued for 4 days from mon to Thursday and results were about to announce on Friday.

And guess what I was not able to attend my college on Friday as I wasn’t well.We have an off day for Saturday and most of the facilities don’t come to college on Saturday as I missed Friday , I thought if I am lucky I would get to see some papers from faculties who would b present on Saturday. I reached the faculty cabins and was left disappointed as not even a single faculty was there and even Pallavi’s cabin was empty so I started walking towards the door…
and suddenly I heard “Subham come here” I saw Pallavi coming from the facilities bathroom while adjusting her saree my heart filled with joy and that moment was similar to srk having butterflies while watching Susmita Sen in the movie MAIN HOON NAA.She wore a blue saree with that black blouse which I had seen for the very first time and I too was wearing a blue shirt with black jeans that is we matched properly.

She asked me why was I there and why was I absent yesterday, I replied I wasn’t well.Then I asked can I see my paper and she replied yes come to my cabin.I followed her towards her cabin and she sat on her chair and I stood there watching her.

She took out my paper and opened it and smiled and said u got the highest marks in class and congratulated me. I replied thanks, she then said despite being late u managed to study everything, I said it’s all because of u, u taught me during ur extra time and that’s what helped.

Then she told me to help her in checking some senior papers if I was free and I said yes to it,after all I wanted to spend time with her.

While checking one paper she told me to sit beside her and check and after saying no a few times (formality 😂).As she was near I could smell her more properly and it was such a good fragrance it was turning me on.As I took a deep breath she noticed me and asked “Are u trying to smell me?” with a slight smile in her face….that smile gave me a courage and I replied “It is such a good smell that even corona patients can’t resist smelling it” to which she broke into a loud laughter.

She then said u r a funny guy😅.Then She asked me “Do u have a gf” I said not fortunate enough till now Mam to which she again replied u also have a good sense of humour”Do u like someone in ur class” I said no……then she asked “do u like some senior or juniors”…I said no…..then she asked ohh then maybe someone outside of college to which I again said no.

Then she concluded that I don’t like anyone…..I told her no I like someone very much and have a huge crush also…..then looking towards me she Asked” May I know her name” I watched straight into her eyes and replied “You” to which she broke the eye contact and started smiling softly and stated” U r flirting with ur teacher” to which I replied “it’s not my fault if the teacher is so Gorgeous”.

Upon listening to this then she asked me “if m ur crush what do u know about me”….. to which I replied ” u started ur schooling from x school went to y college ur fav colour,ur fav actor ur fav dish the colour of sarees u wear to college the way u teach the way u scold what was the date when I first saw her blah blah blah I kept on speaking about her for nearly 8 mins straight and when I finished her eyes were lit up and sparkled which said me indirectly that she is impressed.

Shockingly she asked “Is it for real because no one in my life has noticed so small details about me” to which I replied “Nobody like me ever came to ur life😜”
Suddenly she hugged me and for sec I couldn’t react coz I wasn’t expecting that I looked through the glass the cabins were empty and then I grabbed her waist with my right hand and caught her arm in left hand ohhh godddd that was such a heavenly feeling her body against mine with only clothes in between her fragrance and her soft body even aroused me and hugged her more tightly .

She then softly said in my left ear “U too smell good baby” and gave a soft bite in my earlobe now I had the complete license still l asked in her ears
“Can I bite u”
“I am all urs baby, do whatever u want” she said….her voice was heavy as well as seductive and I could guess she wanted my dick badly in her.

I bit her earlobe just beside her jhumka and gave a love bite in her neck.Then I slowly grabbed her hairs and started biting her collar bone.She was already moaning Shubbbhhhaammm u do so good……then I pulled her hairs and liplocked my lips with her I kept on bitting her upper lips and she kept on bitting my lips her lipstick was of strawberry flavour and it enhanced her taste even more.By this time I was completely on her while she sat on that chair,I gave a forehead kiss and said “babygirl u r mine, can in touch ur boobs ?” She then replied ” if I say no, won’t u b touching ?”To which I said “I don’t think u would ever say me no” to which she laughed and started kissing me more vigorously.

I put my hand on her right boob and she gave a slight moannn Aaaaahhhhhhh shuuuuubhhhhammmm…then she grew more wild and kissed me while I started massaging her right boobs…..ohh god how could I explain how soft it was….it was as soft as cushion then I started massaging her left boob…now I wanted to taste them…

I removed her hooks and bite in between her both boobs she then touched my dick and said” Ohh goddd ur dick is so hardddd” I said it’s all urs do whatever u want babygirl….and during this I removed her bra 🤩 forr fuckkk’s sake those boobs were amazing it was perfectly round with pinkish nipples…my mouth was wide open and she asked “do u want it in ur mouth ” I said yes Pallavi she then took her boobs and fed me..I was sucking , smooching , biting pinching her other nipple while sucking one boob she wass moaning aahhhhhh aaaaaa aaaahhhh hhhhhh ummmm mmmmmmm….

I kept on pressing her big round boobs and kept on feeding like a hungry child…while I was sucking her boobs she kept on rubbing my Dick from above my jeans which kept on making me more horney……

She then said stop sucking my boobs I want to suck ur dick….she pushed me and quickly was on her knees she took pulled down my jeans and emerged out my DARK KNIGHT ready to quench Pallavi’s thirst,she replied I love ur dick it’s so big and round and took it in her mouth…….daammmmnnnnnnnnnm that moment I started saying yes Pallavi take it deeper….

she kept on licking my dick and said ur dick tastes amazing and fits my mouth perfectly I held her hairs as I had imagined for the very first time on seeing her and she kept sucking…I caressed my hand all over her bare back while she kept on sucking.Then I pulled her head out and she was surprised and then I told her “let me give u some more pleasure”

Now I sat in her seat and she was sitting on my thigh she had one hand over my Dick…..I slowly removed her petticoat and threw away, she wore a purple panty , at first I grabbed her thighs to which she responded equally grabbing my thigh in her left hand and stroking my dick in a rhythm with her right hand.I held her round big boobs in my left hand and inserted my hand into her panty. I started rubbing her clitoris with my fingers and she was moaning
aahhhhhh yyyeesssss babbbyyyy yyyeeeaaaahhhhhhh keeeeeeeppppo doinnnnnggg babyyyyyyyyy

She was then told me remove my panty so that I stretch my pussy for u…..I removed her panty and it was such a good pussy cleanly shaved and maintained her thighs looked so fair and it was arousing me more and more….I was rubbing her pussy and pressing her boobs simultaneously and she grew wilder and wilder she looked into my eyes and said ” Baby put ur dick in me …..I want it right now” I said “why so early baby let me play with u let me enjoy u” then I started rubbing her pussy more roughly she moanned
aaaaaaa uuuuuuuffffffff Aaaaahhhhhhh uuuuuummmmmmmmmmm….mmmmmmmmmm…..
Her pussy was already wet ready for taking my dick in…..I inserted one of my finger and she said I want ur dick in me please 🥺………

I listened to her…..I stood up made her sit on her chair and bisected her legs…I grabbed her neck softly in my right hand caught her back in my left hand and started banging her……it required a good jerk to get into her and she was so warm…..I started banging her slowly and steadily and for some time from her face she was in pain then she started enjoying it…..I fucked her from slowly to fast and she was enjoying it she screamed” aaaaaahhhhhh uuuuuuuuffffff ummmmmm

as she started taking my name I kept on fucking her with more speed.Her boobs were juggling and that sight made the beast in awake and I started fucking her wildly…she shouted babyyyyyyy uuuuu ffuuucccckkkk soooo goooodddddd…babyyyy keeepppp on fucking…..fuck me HARDER…..

I took my dick out and made her stand I pinned her against the glass of her chamber , then I spanked her ass….she kept on shouting “hit me baby…hit me” then I took one leg of hers in my hand and inserted my dick into her vagina from backside……..

I kept on fucking her as I had pinned her …..her boobs were pressed against the glass and nipples were erect which was visible as well from other side….then I took Pallavi to her own desk and held one leg against my body and stretched her other leg…I pushed my Dick into her again ans she started screaming”Shhubbbbbhaaammm fuckkkkkkk meeeee…….”

And I continued to fuck her …… while fucking I held onto her nipple and kept on fucking she was enjoying very much her eyes rolled out as she was experiencing her orgasm….I asked her “do u want me to cum on u ?” …she said “YES CUM IN” it reminded me how desperately I wanted to hear from her from our first interaction.

I pulled my dick out and loaded all my Cum on her face ,boobs ans mouth…..she drank all the cum and sucked my dick completely dry ensuring that not even a single drop of my cum was wasted…she then took all the cumshots on her and swallowed it.After swallowing it she hugged me , we both were tired and sweating…she slowly said in my ears” THIS IS THE BEST SEX I HAD HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED” to which I replied “ME TOO”……
“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE” screamed AROOHI mam watching Me and Pallavi naked in each other’s arm